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General Information about Ekaterinburg, Russia (also known as Yekaterinburg)

Ekaterinburg Location:

Ekaterinburg of Russia is situated in the central part of the mainland, on the border between Europe and Asia.
Ekaterinburg is located in the central part of the Ural mountain range. To be more exactly, the city is situated on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals, on the banks of the Iset River (a tributary of the Tobol River).
Ekaterinburg Coordinates: 56°50′N 60°35′E
Area of Ekaterinburg: 1143 sq. km

Deluxe Ekaterinburg apartments

This apartment is situated in the centre of Ekaterinburg, in Lunacharskogo Street. This kind of Ekaterinburg apartments is well furnished and has everything necessary for living and resting: oven, fridge, TV set, DVD. The building, with this flat, is situated close to three hotels (Antey Hotel***, Park Inn Hotel ****, Premier Hotel ****), the entertainment centre, bowling and a few cafes.

Luxe Ekaterinburg apartments

Apartments in Ekaterinburg with low rate (Yekaterinburg downtown)

Looking for low rates Apartments in Ekaterinburg?
You can hardly find a cheaper apartment in Ekaterinburg. Nevertheless, a budget apartment doesn’t mean uncomfortable one. It’s a neat furnished apartment in a brick building of the Soviet times. Rental apartment is equipped with modern TV set, VHS, fridge, washing machine, gas stove, and electric teakettle. This Ekaterinburg apartment is on the 7th floor, there is an elevator in the house...

Cheap Ekaterinburg apartments

Budget Ekaterinburg apartments

Looking for Budget accommodation - budget furnished Ekaterinburg apartments?
What are the most important criteria for you in choosing Ekaterinburg apartments?
Apartment’s location in the downtown? Short distance from public transport stops to Ekaterinburg apartment? Budget price?
This apartment will satisfy all your requirements. This rental apartment is located on Vosmoe (8) Marta Street of Ekaterinburg, close to cross roads with Dekabristov Street. It is in 10 minutes walk from metro station Geologicheskaya, near by the Circus and unfinished television tower are situated...

Cheap Ekaterinburg apartments

Luxury Ekaterinburg apartments

This 2 room Ekaterinburg apartment is situated on the cross roads of Zhukova and Cheluskintsev Streets. There are 4 berths in the apartment. The house with this rental apartment is a part of a houses complex, which decorating is to be finished soon. Infrastructure is developing quickly here...

Luxury Ekaterinburg apartments

Europe Map: Ekaterinburg, Russia (Ekaterinburg location)

Where is Ekaterinburg? Travellers ask Ekaterinburg guides often. Visit this page, See Ekaterinburg location on this Europe map.

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Ekaterinburg Apartments Advantages

Apartment rent in Ekaterinburg is the most popular accommodation type for international tourists. If compare with the hotels Ekaterinburg apartments have more advantages - better price and comfortable central location. Most Ekaterinburg apartments are located in Ekaterinburg downtown that is why Ekaterinburg tourists have no problems to visit all Ekaterinburg places of interests which are mostly in Ekaterinburg historical center. Besides, apartments day cost include accommodation of few tourists in one flat.

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Ekaterinburg location

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